Caring for your new piece of jewelry.

Your crystal pieces will ' Activate' upon wearing. Wearing, carrying and generally handling your crystal, will start the beginning of an energy connection between the crystal, and you the owner and wearer. When this happens you might feel a special bond with your crystal peice and never want to take it off. We do recommend however for longevity of your piece to take it off before sleeping and showering or swimming.

We at Mars da Favela create each piece by hand. From traveling directly to the source the crystals have originated from to hand selecting each individual crystal we use. , So each is a unique item and no two are identical. Please treat it with care to improve it's longevity.

  1. Do not swim, bathe, or shower in your jewelry and avoid contact with water, perfumes, soaps, lotions and oils. As this can cause damage to the delicate crystals and particularly the metals.
  2. When wearing your crystal jewelry please take care to avoid dropping, tapping, or knocking your jewelry on a hard surface as this can chip, crack and damage the crystal.
  3. Please carefully store your piece away from prolonged exposure to as it may cause some color fade in some of the crystals.
  4. Please beware that some chains are easily tangled. So when not in use either hanging up or laying flat is best for safe keeping your piece.
  5. A gentle polish with a polishing cloth is best to remove dirt or tarnish on bullet cases, silver, brass components and chains. Being careful not to pull on the chain too roughly as you may weaken links and cause them to weaken.